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Plantation Project of Morinda Citrifolia ( Noni )

Noni known as Morinda Citrifolia ( Botanical Name ) is an small tree that grows a average height around 10-20 feet. The leaves are thick, shiny, dark green and deeply veined. The fruits have an unusual shape and about 3 - 5 inches long, ovoid & yellowish- white & become quite soft at maturity.
  1. This small evergreen tree has large bright green elliptical leaves. The fruit is borne on stalks that arise opposite to an unpaired leaf. The fruit starts out as a small lump that swells, produces flower, then forms into the fruit.
  2. Can be grown in adverse climatic conditions, even it comes very well in any type of degraded and unfertile land with any type of soil, performs better in sandy loam soil.
  3. Climate :- Tropic - subtropics /heavy rainfall to drought hit areas. Tolerates to saline, alkaline, water logging, sever drought and heavy wind. Mean annual temperature 20-450. 
  4. The only perennial crop starts flowering at the age of 10th month & gives harvestable yield from at the end of 20th month onwards.
  5. This is the only perennial crop that flowers &  fruits throughout the year.
  6. We can get fruits from the plant at any desirable season through horticultural techniques. 
  7. One single plant can yield more than 300 kilograms of fruits per annum at maturity. 
  8. There is no severe pest and disease attack like other crops. 
  9. Each and every part of the plant is useful in one or more ways. 
  10. Simple live fence can protect the plant from cattle browse. 
  11. Planting time: During monsoon season (June - October).
  12. Seedlings no. of plants per acre  275 - 290 plants.
Spacing : 12' x 12' with Pit size of 2’ x 2’ x 2’

Preparatory Cultivation : Ploughing and leveling the land to optimum level.

Irrigation : Noni thrives with moderate irrigation and can survive even in drought conditions, once the plant is established. Irrigate during early stages of the crop as required depending upon the moisture condition.

Weeding : Weed growth can be controlled by drip irrigation. First 2 years weeding has to be done manually whenever required.

Pest & diseases : Normally Noni crop is resistant to pest and diseases. However if require it can be controlled easily by organic pesticides.
Morinda cultivation - Cost and Benefits :-
  1. Estimated investment for Morinda cultivation in One Acre - Rs.50,000/-
  2. 3rd year Break-even for investments.
  3. Be tension free up to 50 years.
Rough Output of Noni Cultivation ( Kilograms ) per year.. ie : 3 = 3rd year.. so on
Proposed Returns for 5 Acres for the period of 10 years
Years Yield per Tree per year No Trees for No of Kgs Yeild Total Amount
3 20 Kgs 1450 29,000 2,17,500
4 50 Kgs 1450 72,500 5,43,750
5 80 Kgs 1450 1,16,000 8,70,000
6 110 Kgs 1450 1,59,500 11,96,250
7 150 Kgs 1450 2,17,500 16,31,250
8 200 Kgs 1450 2,90,000 21,75,000
9 250 Kgs 1450 3,62,500 27,18,750
10 300 Kgs 1450 4,35,000 32,62,500
Average Price calculated at Rs. 7.50 per Kg
Images of  Noni at Different Stages
Noni Nursery Plant
Noni Blossom
Noni Fruit in Tree
Noni Fruit
The Project :

The project aims at commercial cultivation of Noni, a plant with Health Enhancing properties with improved varieties to assist in raising the profile of this plant from traditional, folk medicine to mainstream Natural Health Product.

Noni is a highly profitable evergreen small tree with elliptical leaves. It grows well in any type of soil and climatic conditions. It produces fruits which look like a small custard Apple. The tree gives fruits throughout the year.

Noni is mainly found in Southeast Asia, Australia, and it has been distributed in many regions in India. It can be seen near the coastal areas, in open lowlands, grasslands, and in disturbed forests of the dry tracts.

Our Support & Commitment : -
  1. Field Visit & Selection of Land, Land Preparation Guiding.
  2. Soil Testing
  3. Supply of Quality, Disease-free Planting Material and Bio- fertilizers
  4. Tie up With Financial Institutions.
  5. Guidance for Pest & Disease Control.
  6. 100% Buy-back Guarantee of the Produce at a Pre Fixed Price.
Benefits of Noni : -

Noni has been scientifically documented to benefit in the fight against these ailments:

Aids, Abdominal pains/swelling, Abscesses, Antibiotic and Antimicrobial, Backache, Burns, Dark spots on skin, Depression, Diaphragmatic hernia, Dry or cracked skin, Heart disease, Infection of mouth and gums Inhibits early chronic fatigue syndrome, Regulates thymus, Sore throat with cough, Tonic after childbirth, Tuberculosis, Virus problems, Anticancer activity, Arthritis, Balanced nutrition, Chest infections, Deficient Macrophages/Lymphocytes Diabetes Type II, Eye complaints, High / Low Blood Pressure, Inflamed, sore gums, Intestinal worms, Sick People Syndrome, Stroke, Toothaches Urinary tract ailments, Wounds, fractures and boils.

Noni has been till now research in more than 45 universities and over 10 countries...

Noni`s scientists have found more than 150 nutrients in it.. Simple research shows scientifically that Noni (Morinda citrifolia) is a natural combination of amazingly beneficial compounds to heal the body as a whole, and to maintain health. Since the mid nineties Noni has grown in popularity and has become one of the fastest growing nutritional supplements on the market. An entire industry has been born of this peculiar yet powerful healing plant. Estimates put the total number of companies selling Noni at close to 300 worldwide.   More...

Nabard - Nabard to boost noni cultivation

Ranchi, Aug. 13: The National Bank for Rural and Agriculture Development (Nabard) has decided to introduce and promote cultivation of noni (morinda citrifolia). A highly nutritious fruit in Jharkhand. Rich in micro nutrients, noni is used as a food supplement and helps cure diseases such as asthma, chronic pain and kidney disorders. Its juice contains around 150 micro nutrients.   More...

News headlines - Formulation

India to boost noni cultivation - By Stephen Daniells, 14-Aug-2008
The Indian National Bank for Rural and Agriculture Development (Nabard) is forming a farmers’ club to promote the cultivation of noni, according to reports.   More...

ANIFPDCL ventures into ''NONI'' cultivation

Friday, May 09 2008 20:42 (IST)
Port Blair, May 09 (UNI) Andaman and Nicobar Islands Forest Plantation and Development Corporation Limited (ANIFPDCL), a sick government undertaking firm, has decided to venture into the Noni, cultivation business in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.   More...

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